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10:00 AM — Sunday School

11:00 AM — Worship

Our Sunday morning sermon series is a study of “end times” prophecy.


6:00 PM — Bible Study

For our current Wednesday evening study, Pastor Norman is presenting an overview of the entire Old Testament, book by book.

Prophecy Sermon Series

Have you ever wondered where our world is headed? Are you interested in Bible prophecy that speaks to our world’s future? Have you heard terms such as “the last days” or “the end times” or “the return of Jesus Christ” commonly called the Second Coming? If these questions interest you, join us for the sermon series on Bible prophecy we began in February.

Just a few of the topics covered are:

The purpose of biblical prophesies

The “end time” prophesies Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24

The prophesies of Ezekiel 38 of the coming world war known as the battle of Armageddon

The prophecy of the rapture

Comparison of the prophesies of Matthew 24 with those in the Book of Revelation

The signs of the last generation before the rapture

What scoffers say in the last days about Jesus’ return to earth

If you’re interested in these topics, we welcome you to our church services for this sermon series, and any time! Our Sunday morning worship service starts at 11:00 AM.